May 18, 2010

New Balance Pacesetters 15km 2010

This run would definitely be one of my most remembered run. We had a grand send-off at the starting line yo. All thanks to our lateness. The women's category started at 7am but we (me, my sister and her friend) were late. We arrived at the starting point around 7.05am and the starting line was already filled in by the guys waiting for their event to start at 7.15am. So, we had no choice but to run through the sea of men for the official start. Malu ok but come to think of it.. best jugak sebab bukan selalu dapat grand send-off. hahahhaha..

start last also can be champion?? wowww ;p

So we started the race as the last runners. It was weird. I felt like we had a morning jog as it's only the 3 of us running in the area. And to my horror, after the first corner the route started to ascend. Oh no!! Dah la tak warm up and now terus kena lari naik bukit?? Terus rasa nak pengsan plis...

 A few minutes later, I spotted a girl and another and another. Yeahh.. we managed to catch up and overtook some. Legaaa!! hahhahaha... This is bad but I really hate to be the last one.

And then the guys started to catch up. Yeayy.. now only I felt like running a race. The missing crowd.

But as usual, it wasn't a good run. My enemy would never let me run happily. T__T  This is starting to freak me out. How am I gonna run the full marathon if this problem persists? I shall do a research on how to prevent muscle cramps next time. I am so gonna kill you bitch! Just wait. hohoho...

In the end, it's all good as I made it to the finish line.

Next challenge: Sundown. Woo hoo!!


June Malik said...

good job rara, rugi kak june missed it, i like the medal! for your cramps try to sip ORS few days before your run, (one week before your full) 2 packets a day at least .. I did that for my PNM and it really helped .. my number one enemy while running is also the cramps ! see u at scklm ok?? take care and happy training!

rara said...

thanx for the advice kak june. i'll try it nanti. :)