October 16, 2009

The Last Convo

Lil sis' convo was on the first day and the first session of IIUM convo this year. So terpaksa la bangun awal pagi on a Saturday morning. huhu... eh sebenanyer kalau tak pergi convo pon kena bangun awal pagi sebab kena pergi kerja. hahahah... Nasib baik IIUM tu dekat je tak sampai 10 minutes from my house.

 hahaha.. caught on camera. joyah gila muka makcik tudung pink tu bergosip.. 

HRH Sultan of Pahang, the Constitutional Head of IIUM 

Nampak macam tamak je kan ada 2 bunga. The blue roses tu actually nak bagi kat kawan dia.

The ceremony ended around 11.45am. Keluar from the hall, panas gilaaaa!!! Habis silau semua orang nak amik gambar. Then masa nak balik, jalan kena block pulak sebab Sultan nak balik. Sabar je lahhh!!

Jaja. This girl is lil sis' best friend. And she was my best friend 16 years ago in school. hehehe...

With lil sis' convocation, that means it's the last convo in the family. But hopefully it's not. I'm seriously considering of going back to school next year. Insya Allah.

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