April 12, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

What a nite!! I had so much fun with my girls..

We planned a surprise hen nite party for our beloved girlfriend, Rita, who will be tying the knot with the love of her life soon. Since some of us prefer not to go partying at the club, and dinner alone is kinda normal, one of the girls suggested that we went for karaoke. I never attended a hen nite before, but since the Chickpeas just organized one for Pijot (sorry babe, i missed yours sebab dah beli tiket PGL awal), aku pon dapat la idea sedikit sebanyak utk mengorganize our own party. And since aku yang menginitiate the email, Ratna Rosalinda ayamor terus lantik aku jadi chief of organizer. Pandai ko yer...

So, our plan was to have karaoke sessions and also games in between. Suggested theme was Old School, the 60's, Hawaiian etc but to dress up like that walking around in Pavi would be too embarrassing for us. So untuk nak jugak menampakkan synchronization supaya cantik dalam gambar, I suggested a color theme. Red, pink, polka dots were among the suggested color. Walaupon red would be the same as Pijot's hen nite theme, I didn't have a choice but went for it coz Red signifies HOT. And it is the perfect color for a hot party. Kalau buat kaler lain such as biru ke hijau ke tak menyerlah gitu. heheheh..

Atas usaha plan Ratna yang pandai berlakon, I told Rita that we would be having a special dinner at Pavi. And since diorang carpool, so nanti bila dah sampai konon2 Ratna nak jumpa kawan dia Debi kat Redbox nak amik tiket apetah. Debi tu aku ler. hahaha.. kan dah ada nama baru.

Friday evening and it was raining in KL so ape lagi jam la. Luckily I arrived on time for the booking time. Kalau dia dah release mati ler aku. huhuhu.. Lepas aku habis melantak satu round and menyanyi 2 lagu, Tips pon sampai. Then Mira, Fidah and Farra. Ratna, Zaf and Rita carpooled from Damansara and they were supposed to arrive at 8pm. So kitorang pon siap2 kan dulu ape yg patut.

Thanx Fidah for sponsoring the yummylicious cupcake and Mira for the goodie bags.

At 8.10pm, Ratna texted me informing that they were trapped at Jalan Sultan Ismail. so kitorang pon start ler menyanyi n makan dulu.. Around 8.30pm Ratna called and told me she was outside at the reception. So ape lagi kelam kabut terus aku suruh diorang stop menyanyi, padam lampu and get ready with everything.. Since pintu tu ada glass kat bawah dia boleh la nampak outside sket2. Then tak sampai a few minutes, dah nampak merah2 kat luar pintu tu. The door opened, and... kitorang beramai2 jerit... SURPRISEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Mission accomplished la coz Rita nampak mmg terkejut giler. We had the speeches and lepas tu,

VIP kena tiup lilin cake ala2 birthday party pulak.. hehehe... also played a couple of games. Memang meriah habis laa... My jaw hurt from laughing out loud too many times.

Mula2 ingat nak check in nearby hotel, have fun until the wee hours of the morning and esok gi breakfast sama2. Tapi sebab the VIP ada hal esok pagi terpaksa la cancel. But we still enjoyed the night to the max.

Love u babe xoxo. Can't wait for your big day!!

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