June 22, 2008

Countdown... :D

my birthday wish? hmm.. I just hope that my life is better than yesteryear.

birthday prezzies??
i got my birthday prezzies already. :) self birthday prezzies laa tapi..
not 1.. but 6... hahahha...
nevermind.. i consider them as self-treatments..

but i am still dreaming to get these...

1) Chanel 2.55
I think this is every girl's dream bag other than the Birkin.. but Birkin is of course wayyyy out of my mind la kan.. RM30k for a bag??? wait till i marry a super rich man..
One might think that this is a typical Chanel handbag. But I think this is one bag that will never go out of style. First introduced in February 1955 (hence, 2.55) by Coco Chanel. 53 years already! It's really an icon... but for the time being, I can only dream aje laa.. not sure about the exact pricing tho .. but I know it would cost me at least RM8k n above ...

Ivory Chanel 2.55 with gold hardware

Black Chanel 2.55 with gold hardware

Yellow Chanel 2.55 with gold hardware

Red Chanel 2.55 with gold hardware

White Chanel 2.55 with silver hardware

2) LV Mahina XS
also can dream on aje la.. the price tag in KL is RM10900.. hoho

3) LV Batignolles Vertical
perfect for office wear IMHO

4) LV Eva
a 3-in-1 function.. can be used as a handbag, clutch or a sling bag.. cool!

5) LV Neverfull Damier Ebene
From what I know, it is ONLY released in Japan and Hawaii...

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