June 3, 2008

P. Ramlee The Musical..

Love, Life & Inspiration...

bought tickets for June 14th show.. but luckily my sister got VIP tickets for the 1st public show on May 29th.. coincidently it was P.Ramlee's 35th anniversary of his death. May Allah bless his soul. Al Fatihah.

having watched the 1st season last year.. of course I expected a better show this year, and they really were GREAT! big hands to the cast and crew!

The show was so great that I almost cried during some of the scenes coz it was so touching.. Musly Ramlee carried the character so well.. and Liza Hanim's singing was so WOW! The other 2 wives, Atilia and Melissa Saila's performance were great as well. Emelda Rosmila's 1st attempt was OK for me. She sang Mulanya Cinta in her own style.. I like it! last but not least, the props and the ensemble, they contribute a lot to the success of this show!

go watch it friends! u won't regret it..

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