February 2, 2007

Indonesia: Bali (part 1)

My first oversea trip with the Chickpeas! I can't really remember the details of this trip, so let the pictures do the talking ok!

Went jalan2 on our own at Kuta area on the 1st day since it's already late. Pegi Hard Rock Megastore and the surrounding area.. then terjumpa this hugeeee surfboard!

Hard Rock Hotel

Melawati reunion. hahaha.. met Lydia n Ita in front of Hard Rock store while we were busy self-photographing..

Started day 2 with tour to Ubud-Sukawati-Kintamani

The items here are cheap!! And tawar selagi boleh plis.. hehhehe...

Went to Kintamani but unfortunately we arrived at a wrong time. The rain has just stopped. So apelagi, kabus banyak until we couldn't see anything.. 

See the pic? Behind there is supposed to be Gunung Batur.. tapi dah lesap!

Buffet lunch at Kintamani - Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant. cost us rp60k.. mahal tapi tak sedap!

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