September 21, 2013

Getting around Kyoto - Kyoto City Bus

In Kyoto, it was quite easy to get around to visit all the attractions. Most of the time, I used bus instead of JR or subway.

The City Bus has a One-day pass which is good for a day of sightseeing around Kyoto City. The pass only cost 500 yen for adults, and 250 yen for children (aged 6 to 12 years). Individual fare for a ride is 220 yen for adults, and 110 yen for children so if you buy the One-day pass and ride the bus 3 times, it's already worth it. Nak worth it lagi, ride it as many times as you can la. hehe..

However, do note that the pass can only be used within the allocated zone in the city. If you want to visit Arashiyama for example, you need to pay extra amount to top up the fare (about 150 to 250 yen). Check out the route map.

 I took my bus guide (BusNavi) at Kyoto Tourist Information Center in Kyoto Station. You can buy the pass here or at the bus terminal.

Kyoto City Bus One-day pass

RAKU Bus is one of the bus services running in the city which is very convenient for tourists. There are three RAKU Bus lines (#100, #101, #102) and each line takes passengers on a route lined up with famous tourist sites and popular temples and shrines.

The bus terminal is located outside Kyoto Station's Karasuma exit.

A lot of tourists opt for those RAKU buses so they are always full.

Look at the queues!

Passengers board the bus from rear door and get off from the front door. The fare is paid at the front before alighting. If you have the One-day pass, just insert the card into the card reader (and take it back!).

 ticket machine at the bus terminal
So convenient right? One of the reasons why I love Kyoto!


zette said...

From your opinion, it is more convenient to ride buses to visit all the attractions? Or rail ride is easier?

i am confuse and still have like 4-months to go!

rara said...

@zette : The bus is very convenient. Get on the Raku Bus.. and u'll reach all the major attractions in Kyoto.
I only took JR to Arashiyama, cos it's out of the bus pass' zone.

Tengkubutang said...

done follow sini no. 113
sudilah kiranya follow me back yea..
he2.. salam kenal.. keep in touch yea..=)

dan my 2nd blog

rara said...

@tenku butang: hi! I love catssss!!! :)

chickiegal1027 said...


The bus pass is only for one day?


rara said...

@chickiegal1027 : Yup.. only for one day. Just buy it at the vending machine if you want to ride again the next day :)

Unknown said...

I am going this Apr. Memang will open ur blog daily; digging for infos & tips. Yay, cant wait!

CIKU said...

hi..banyaknya info..insyaAllah ciku ke sana gak dari tokyo end of march /early april this year.tq tq

rara said...

@Bibie: Mesti dah tak sabar kan? hehe..

@CIKU: Enjoy the trip! Sure best time tu sakura season :)

chickiegal1027 said...


Not sure should I take the city bus to the attractions or take subway?


rara said...

@chickiegal1027: Except Arashiyama, I'd say take the bus! Senang sangat.

chickiegal1027 said...

understand from the Raku Bus did covered a few places for diff bus no. for Point A, B n C and If I stop at the Point A is it I have to walk back to Point A and get in the bus to Point B? or just walk if is a walking distance

rara said...

@chickiegal1027: Some of the attractions are within walking distance. So you can stop at one point and walk around. Example macam Gion. From Gion you can walk to Kiyomizudera, Nene-no-michi etc

Unknown said...

Very useful information. Thanks!

rara said...

@Jackson Pollock: Glad to share :)

my dream said...

Hi! Can you explain to me how can I go to Arashiyama from kyoto station. Cm confuse skit.

Thank you 😊

rara said...

@my dream: Hi! From Kyoto station, you can take JR Sagano line and stop at Saga-Arashiyama station :)

welcome said...

Hi, if we purchase this pass, do we have discount for the entrance fee for those attraction area on temples or shrines ?

rara said...

@welcome: Hi, no the pass is only good for the bus. No discount or goodies etc. But like I mentioned in my post, if you ride 3 times and more, it is very worth it.