July 1, 2012

3 series

Alhamdulillah, I turned 30 last Wednesday!!! 30?? Seriously, I sound so old! T_T

But as usual, the anthem that I need to chant from now on is "Age ain't nothing but a number" ! hahahaha...

I don't look 30, do I? I still look like a 25 year old, right? Rightt??? Please say I do. *insert cute face here

Looking back at my final year as a twenty something...

1. Went to France on a business trip. It was a short stay though.. I didn't even have time to go to Paris!

2. Stepped foot in the USA, also on business trip. Couldn't thank my bosses enough for the opportunity!

3. Ate wagyu beef which cost me RM100++. Very expensive... but well.. it was good!

4. Korban-ed a cattle during Aidiladha. 

5. Watched football with the Prime Minister at Seri Perdana.

6. Took up archery again! I joined the archery club back in high school so it was good to hold the bow once again.

7. Ran my maiden full marathon in Penang Bridge International Marathon.

8. Watched STOMP '11 in KL Convention Centre.

9. Solo backpacking in India for 2 weeks.

10. Saw the breathtaking Taj Mahal. Subhanallah..it was magnificent!

11. Organized family day event for my office.

12. Spent Chinese New Year holiday ice skating in Sunway Pyramid with one of my bosses.

13. Travelled to Bangkok.

14. Completed my second full marathon in Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon.

15. Dived in Mabul and Sipadan Island. My God... both islands were soo beautiful. I saw a seahorse, squids mating, turtle nesting among others.

16. Lost my grandmother. Al fatihah...

17. Watched Cuci The Musical Last Kopek in Istana Budaya. Man, they were so funny! :D

18. Welcomed new nephew and niece to this world.

19. Travelled to Seoul.

20. Played badminton after 18 years. I was forced to play in a tournament some more..

21. Had fun at Cyberjaya Park with my office-mates for our outing day.

22. Climbed up KL Tower for the second time and improved my timing by 17 minutes.

23. Ate nasi kandar at Nasi Kandar Beratur! OK my parents' hometown is in Penang but that was my first time visiting the restaurant. hahaha...

24. Participated in my sector's bowling tournament and won the female category. 

25. Ran my third full marathon in Sundown Marathon Singapore.

26. Ran my fourth full marathon during my anniversary run in Standard Chartered KL Marathon.

27. Watched Shrek the Musical.

28. Went to Singapore on business trip to shop. Seriously, my boss sent me there just to buy something. hahaha...

29. Went out on a date with my crush.. hahahaha...

With age comes wisdom. So, I shall embrace entering this 3 series age!
Let's hope for something good to happen in my thirties :D


June Malik said...

Awesome twenties and trust me your thirties will be awesome-er!! You look 17 lah!!! Heheh .. Don't worry about the number, just go with the flow, it is after all just numbers lol ..I will be entering my 5 series and looking forward to it! Age gracefully and we live once, enjoy life to the fullest! Happy 30th!!!

ryyhan said...

happy belated birthday..

a lot u have achieved (plus dh merata smpi)..jeles ni..den pun dh 3 series xmana smpi..sob sob

rara said...

kak june: thanks kak june!! :D awww... i look 17? Weee!!! yeah.. age is just a number. yg penting young at heart kan? hehe

ryy.han: thank u!! :) u ada priorities lain.. insya allah one day u pon boleh sampai tempat2 yg i dah sampai tu.

just.HY said...

Happy Belated birthday rara! Have a great year ahead!

rara said...

danny: thank u!! tak sempat i nak mintak hadiah from australia.. haha