February 12, 2019


Oh hai.

Happy New Year!

It's crazy how time flies soooo fast it's almost mid of February already!! 
*panicking cos in a blink of an eye it'll be 2020 fuhhhh*

I'm starting 2019 on a good term. My new year resolutions are going well so far.

* Weight loss is on track, shed off 6 kgs to get my pre raya weight hahaha. Now it's game on to shed more to get my university weight.
* Sleep early, wake up early, go to work early, go home early.
* Reduce unnecessary shopping. I didn't buy any dUCk scarves since November. Gonna use all my scarves again and again. Well.. my scarves can last me for 168 days without repeating any of the scarves (yup I've counted and to think that I've spent almost RM30K for scarves is crazy on another level). *guilty*
* Spring cleaning ala Marie Kondo. Things that do not spark joy, out you go!

And I just came back from Japan. Again! But this time, I went to areas that I've never been to which are Gifu and Nagano prefectures.  

To a better me, and to more travels this year.

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