June 8, 2017

Umrah Ramadan : Moreh in Madinah

It's Ramadan again and I can't help but reminisce my umrah trip last year. Soooo rindu!!!

Which also means I need to finish my umrah posts faster cos I might forget all the details soon.

We were in Madinah for 5 days prior moving to Makkah.

Almost every day, I would break fast at the mosque, and continued with terawih later. Some days I would do 10 rakaats, some days I would do 20 rakaats. But didn't matter how many rakaats I did, my sister and I always look forward for moreh after the prayer hahaha.

It was so happening after terawih. Restaurants and kiosks around Masjid Nabawi were full of people lining up to buy shawarma, nuggets etc for moreh.

one of my favorite!

As the weather was rather hot, people were lining up for Starbucks ice blended and ice cream too!

Sometimes we would go to Bin Dawood and went out with bottles of Mango juice. Oh so yummy!!
If you wanna shop for groceries or just everyday needs, Bin Dawood is a good choice.

I sooo need to plan another trip to the holy land soon!

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