June 5, 2017

The dUCk Battle

What is a dUCk battle, you might wonder?

If you know the brand dUCk, FashionValet, or Vivy Yusof.. chances are you know what is a dUCk battle. If you don't know, WHERE. HAVE. YOU. BEEN???

A battle every time Limited Edition (or better known as LE) scarves go out. Website crash. Stuck during payment. Stolen item in cart. The battle is so stressful I tell ya but we keep on battling hahaha. #determination The website didn't crash during the recent Eid collection #thealhambraduck release but I guess it's due to their surprise midnight/morning release or they simply produced more quantities.

Everybody wants a piece of those LE cos the print is really beautiful.

But for some, they just want to make easy money. Resale value of these LE scarves are high. Last year's LE, #thebloomingduck is selling at RM700-RM900, where the owner only bought it at RM220. 300% profit!!

I've been a supporter of the brand since it was established in May 2014. Not wearing scarf then but I bought colors or LE prints that I like to wear to the mosque or kenduri.

3 years on... the collection has come to this.

#guilty #shopaholic #duckrehabmodeon

Didn't anticipate that one day I would spend so much on scarves haha. Most of them are even more expensive than my tops, pants and shoes.

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