September 28, 2015


If you follow my instagram, you'd know that I cut my hair short a few months ago. 

Super short ok. 

And because of that, I got a lot of questions. 

"Why did you cut your hair?"

"What happened to you?"

"Why so drastic?"

"Patah hati ke?"


One thing for sure, it's a head turner and an ice breaker. Girls from other departments who've never spoken to me, greeted and commented on my hair while we were in the ladies. hahaha...

Well.. the actual reason behind my decision was because I hated my hair condition. Dry, brittle, split ends.. My hair was badly damaged due to all the chemical processes -  straightening, bleaching and frequent colorings. 



Green je I haven't tried. haha.. 

When I complained about the state of my hair to my hairstylists, their answers were always the same. 

"You mesti buat monthly treatment." 

But I knew hair treatments or new hair care products won't fix this problem. Plus, hair treatment that I always do in Number76 is so expensive how to do it monthly? T_T 

So, I guess it was time for a change. 

Been receiving a lot of comments that I look younger. haha..

So gonna keep this hairstyle! 


aud said...

You still look good :) I agree, some people think that if a girl cuts her hair short, something drastic must've happened, specifically , heartbreak. pffttt.

All the best!

rara said...

@aud: it's always like that in dramas/movies. cut hair short after a heartbreak and become a tomboy. hehe..

siti masyitah said...

looking cute and fresh kak xx

rara said...

@siti masyitah: aww.. Thanks! *blushes* haha