June 2, 2013

Myanmar : Halal Food in Yangon

I didn't have time to google on halal food in Yangon before my trip. I thought it wasn't a big deal, cos I can survive with bread, seafood etc.

But surprisingly, it was fairly easy to get halal food in the city. Remember I said I found out that there are more than 10 mosques in Yangon itself? So yes. If you find a mosque especially in the downtown area, you shouldn't have a problem to find halal restaurants nearby.

If you stay at my hotel, Ocean Pearl Inn or the nearby Orchid Hotel, there's a halal restaurant at Anawrahta Road which is just 100-200 metres walk away.

As it is very near to my hotel, I went there a few times for lunch and dinner.

Each serving only cost around 800 ~ 1500 kyats. 

And while in downtown area, I tried these restaurants.


There are 2 sections in the restaurant; one serves hot food prepared upon order, including dim sum, while another section serves cakes, breads, and confectionery.

The restaurant is clean and the food is good. The price is also reasonable at around 1000 ~ 2000 kyats per serving. But its plus point is definitely the free WiFi! Yeay!!

Nilar Biryani

Also located at Anawrahta Road, this restaurant is always packed. The reason? I heard they serve among the best and yummylicious biryani in town.

But I decided not to order the biryani cos I am on a diet! So kesian...

I had this chicken soup or something (I forgot), and it cost me only 2200 kyats with drink. The biryani is also quite cheap, it's just around 1800 kyats.

Anyway.. among other halal restaurants that I saw (didn't have time to try them) in downtown area...

They are all clustered on the same street at Anawrahta Road nearby Sule Pagoda.

 So to make it easy for you to find them, just go to Sule Pagoda, and from there walk towards Anawrahta Road.

Bengali Sunni Jamae Mosque

If not, just look for the above mosques and ask the people there to help you.

Anyway.. a tip for you, if you don't see the regular Arabic halal sign at the restaurants, look for "786". Some of the restaurants have the "786" sign instead. I learnt that this symbol is used as a substitute for Bismillah, and it's a traditional sign used in South Asia, mainly in Pakistan, India, Myanmar and Bangladesh.


siti masyitah said...

seems that Myanmar is a nice destination...
yaa, i've learnt that '786' is believed as sacred number among muslims in pakistan, india, and all around.
i always love to read ur blog :)

rara said...

masyitah: thanks! :)
i just knew about the 786 before this myanmar trip. masa i travel to india dulu taktau pon..

hazlina azmi said...


very nice blog....penuh dengan warna warni kehidupan
free2 jemputla ke blog saya ye..:)

rara said...

@hazlina : thanx for visiting :)

yoe said...

just found ur blog cik rara..n mcm best..tp beriyani food easily found everywhere ye kt yangon ? heheh... planning to travel there maybe end of this year...thanks for the good info!!

rara said...

@yoe: thanks! :) biryani food tu nak kata easily found tu tak jugak, tapi ada la a few restaurants kat downtown.
anyway, enjoy ur trip later!!

Zeeshan Riaz said...

This blog is very helpful. I ll be in Yangon soon. Can anyone also help me out to find decent accommodation please?

ili zain said...

Totally help.. bring along my parent n little sister to Myanmar need me to be particular abt halal food.. if x roti dah cukup..

Fauzan Rizani said...

thank you so much for this kind info. very helpful. Iam going to myanmar next month first week in oct 2016.

Anyway, thank you sister.

rara said...

@Ili Zain: Glad to help :)

@Fauzan Rizani: You're welcome. Enjoy your trip! :)