May 4, 2012

India : Mumbai architecture

Mumbai has some captivating heritage buildings that can make history and photo enthusiasts gone mad. The Victorian Gothic style from the British era can be seen on some major buildings in the city.

Just across the road from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) or also known as Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

It is responsible for the infrastructure and administration of the city. DBKL la ni. I think it's cool working in a building as beautiful as this. But you know people always say old buildings are haunted. So it's quite scary. Ermm...

Then, there is the Flora Fountain, one of the landmarks of Southern Mumbai. It stands at a busy roundabout in the heart of the commercial Fort area.

Unfortunately, the fountain wasn't working. Too old, perhaps?

Next to the fountain are a pair of torch bearing stone patriots.

But I am not sure of its significance.

Well anyway, here is another old Victorian building but I forgot what it was.

And another.

And another. OK this one I know its name. This is David Sassoon Library. It is...well.. a library.

Then there is this clock tower.

Rising to a height of 85 metres, it looks similar to the Big Ben in London, no? The architect did modelled this Rajabai Clock Tower on the Big Ben. It is currently situated in the confines of University of Mumbai's Fort campus. Man, the students so can't make excuses if they are late for classes. They have such a huge clock!

Ok.. last.

This is another library, the Asiatic Society or the State Central Library.

The buildings are amazingly beautiful. I walked around the city checking out those buildings without noticing how much time had gone by. I had dinner at a restaurant nearby the State Central Library which was so good. Will blog about it in a separate entry.

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